Dear Members,

Let me first congratulate you on your decision to apply for HKVA Clinic Accreditation. This is a voluntary scheme aimed at recognizing clinics operating at a standard which the HKVA considers necessary for practicing veterinary medicine and surgery at an acceptable level in Hong Kong.

In order to streamline the process, an online application form has been developed to enable the uploading of copies of officially issued certificates and clinic documentation required for accreditation.

The cost of joining the Accreditation Scheme is based upon the number of full-time veterinarians (those employed for at least 4 days per week) and are as follows:

Number of full-time veterinarians Annual Accreditation Fee
< 5 $5,000
5 – 9 $9,000
> 9 $18,000


The annual fee must be paid on submission of Part I and Part II of the application form (see below).  The submission will not be processed unless payment is received.  If the documents in Part I and Part II are in order then a date for assessment will be provided to the clinic. Clinics will normally be given at least one months' notice of the assessment date.

Accredited clinics will be reassessed every three years.

Clinics which pass their assessment will be recognised as a HKVA Accredited Clinic and will be provided with a window sticker and certificate and will be allowed to include their accreditation status in their advertising. The HKVA will maintain a list of all accredited clinics on the public area of its website.

Clinics which fail their original assessment will be given a report of what is needed to be improved and 3 months to submit evidence (a photo or a document as evidence of compliance) which they can uploaded. Our aim is that all clinics which register will receive accreditation.

For clinics wishing to register for accreditation please press the Register Now tab below and complete the forms, upload the relevant documents and submit with payment. If the information in the submitted forms is in order then the clinic will be given at least one months' notice of the assessment date. If information is incorrect or missing the HKVA will contact your clinic and advise of what is required.

If you wish to go through the check list to see what is required then press the Check List tab below.

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